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How to Write Cause and Effect Essay

The purpose of writing a cause and effect essay is to prove a point that one event is the direct effect of another event. The writer of a cause and effect essay must explore and prove that a certain event 'causes' another event to happen. The writer must prove that the event being discussed is because of the direct effect of another event, the 'cause.' These types of essays are very popular when trying to prove a certain point. The thesis of a cause and effect essay would explore the relationship between two events. The thesis should propose that one event happens because of the direct effect of another event.

How to begin the writing process

To begin writing any essay, a brainstorming session for ideas and a standard outline will help the writers arrange ideas in a more through manner. Topics should be thought about and written down in a brainstorming session until the writer has a good grasp of the topic and thesis of his or her essay.

Once a topic has been decided upon, it is now time for the writer to create a thesis. The thesis will be a statement that the entire essay will work to prove through logic and fact. A specific thesis will be much easier to prove correct than a broad, vague thesis statement. The writer will want to have a specific statement that states a certain conclusion. The rest of the essay will be written to support the thesis sentence. The thesis of any essay is the most important part of the essay. Without a solid thesis, the writer will not have a good point to write about and support with facts and ideas. For a cause and effect essay, the topic must be about two events or circumstances that are directly related to each other. The thesis sentence of a cause and effect essay must state that one event, the effect, is directly caused by another event, the cause. A thesis sentence for this type of essay can be arranged as follows. "The dismal weather throughout the northeast has directly contributed to the power outages that cities are experiencing." Then, the purpose of the essay would be to prove the thesis to be true by backing up the thesis with facts and proof.

Essay Structure (Five Paragraph)

The standard procedure for writing essays is to use the five paragraph format. In the five paragraph format, the, the writer will begin with an introduction paragraph. In this paragraph, the writer should explain the topic of his or her essay. The first few lines of the paragraph should be a broad explanation of the ideas that will be expressed throughout the essay. Towards the end of the introduction paragraph, the writer should finalize the thesis, boldly and directly stating the idea that the essay will attempt to prove.

The next three paragraphs will comprise the body of the essay. These three paragraphs should each focus on one specific thought that will support the thesis. Each paragraph should focus on separate thought or idea that supports the thesis.

The final paragraph should be written as the conclusion paragraph. This final paragraph should conclude the essay by identifying the main points of the essay and stating why it is certain that the thesis is true. This paragraph should restate the main thoughts that were expressed in the essay. The conclusion paragraph should explain how each idea in the essay supports the thesis. A well written essay will restate the thesis statement, proving that the statement is accurate and correct.