Narrative essay about the Fourth of July

All the people around me were excited and in a very festive mood; and they all were perfectly allowed to do so. It was after all the Fourth of July, our Independence Day. I had a very good feeling as I walked in the park, with my family to my side, as I saw countless people enjoying themselves in the din of the festival. There were red, blue, and white everywhere. People wore large pointed hats, carried colorful balloons and almost every person had the stars and stripes as his/her insignia. It was a wonderful feeling and it was the best Fourth of July that I have ever spent.

This was no ordinary day. This was a true festival. The locals had all gathered together in the big central park near my house and there was a humdrum of things happening all around me. People were eating, shouting, dancing, laughing, running, and literally jumping with joy. Families with children were engrossed in various stalls that presented things like face painting, shooting games, and other fun filled events that are the life at large fairs etc. There were hot dog stands all around us and people were eating and selling a variety of other food items as well. The whole park was decorated as blue, white, and red and everybody seemed to be extremely happy to be there. The park was filled with people of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Various families walked together amongst teenage crowds and young couples. It was like the whole town had united and they were all in a state of patriotism. No one minded everything and everyone was just plain pleased to be in such an environment.

The party did not stop here. Various small areas were also set up where families could go to enjoy in a multitude of ways. There were stalls that offered an interactive session with the children, showing them exactly what was meant by the Fourth of July and why it was such an important day in the history of the United States. Other stalls offered souvenirs, flags, and other memorabilia for the day. In a remote corner, a local band played patriotic tunes, hinting their rock prestige with some blaring guitars and extreme drum solos. Some boys stood in certain stalls, showing off their aiming skills to their girlfriends by winning them stuffed toys. Other people stood at food stalls, eating and drinking merrily. There was a small dancing arena, where people stood in lines, dancing their way to various tunes, singing “hey! Macarena!” This was the fun that they were all having, when everyone knew what they were all waiting for.

The most fun part of the evening occurred ten minutes after sunset. It was not long after the sunset that the organizers of the party/festival announced the event that everybody had been waiting for. All the kids got real excited and ran as far up as they could as the crowd started to settle and faced the open ground towards the eastern end of the park. Soon, loud music was started and the fireworks began! And what amazing fireworks they were! People were shocked and amazed every time a rocket would go up and explode in front of the dark curtain that was the sky. The fireworks were tuned up with the music, and they produced these amazing colors and designs as the music reached its crescendo. Although the whole event lasted under 15 minutes, it was the most wonderful experience of that party. People let out a sigh once it was over and there was a thunderous applause that lasted almost as long as the fireworks show.

(I returned home feeling truly free for the first time ever). [It was one of the best days I had every spent, being emotionally very satisfying]. I had been out with my family and it felt good because I felt I connected with them. Everyone was very excited about the fireworks display and my father gave me a hug later, something that he had not done since I had been very little. I felt a feeling of dependence on Independence Day, a feeling I can only describe as love and freedom.