Sample cause and effect essay on homosexual marriage

Homosexuality has been a topic of much concern for debaters all over the world. Although the concept of homosexuality and the actions involved with it are not new and it has been practiced all over the world throughout various stages of our history, people still find it a very idea hard to accept. Many people scorn upon the ideas and consider homosexuals to be freaks of nature. This cannot be further from the truth since it has been observed that many species of other animals, such as certain species of reindeer and dolphins, also exhibit homosexual behavior. Thus, homosexuality is a very natural thing and it should not be restricted as it is in many places and homosexual marriages should be allowed. Even though many states in the United States have completely legalized gay/lesbian marriages and many others are running similar litigations, there are still many who oppose them. If gay/lesbian marriages were to be allowed in every state, it would bring about a very significant change in our culture and society.

Currently, many of the heterosexual people view homosexuality as something that is hostile to their own sexuality. They are insecure about their own orientation and are scared that homosexuality might adversely affect them or their children. This is because homosexuality is not understood properly and there are many myths to the situation mainly because it is considered to be taboo and not many people are willing to talk openly about it. Making homosexuality legal would cause people to be more open minded about it and thus they would be better able to understand the situation and the views of the homosexuals. Perhaps then the people would be able to understand that it is not anything that is so out of the ordinary that it should elicit the responses that it does today. Many people are very much against homosexual people, so much so that many incidents of extreme violence have been reported that involved the beating up of a homosexual person.

The most dangerous places for the homosexuals are the nation's schools. Gay students going to schools have been made a target of a lot of oppression and much is being done to combat this situation. Many of the public schools have included some programs in their curriculums to teach the students about homosexuality and help them overcome some of the issues that have cropped up in recent times, like attacks on gay, lesbian and bisexual students. They have been known to be harassed, verbally and physically, being beaten and raped. This has caused an increase in the rates of drug and alcohol abuse among homosexual students and they also drop out of school more often than the rest. The authorities involved have been working with such students for a long time now and have come up with many programs that could help the gay/lesbian/bisexual population to overcome their problems and to provide them an environment in the schools that would help them attain their maximum potential without being hampered by the onslaught of apprehensive and angst-ridden students. The schools today are filled with many 'homophobic' elements and these people sometimes go to the extent of committing heinous crimes that are often very violent and horrid, involving torture and murder of homosexual yet innocent victims. It has been found that more than 30% of all reported teen suicides yearly are committed by gay youth. The main reason for all this violence and neglect is the failure to understand homosexuality.

All these problems can be solved if the concepts and ideas behind homosexuality are better understood by everyone. Allowing homosexual marriages would be the first step as this would make it very normal for people to see and experience homosexuality up close. Seeing gay people being themselves would then give the rest the idea that they are also normal human beings and they do not deserve the hate and disgust that many people hold against them. This step towards the solution is already on its way as there are many people who are working to help eradicate the differences and the distances between the homosexuals and the heterosexual fractions of our society. Allowing gay marriages would shout this message and would give everybody an equal chance at success and provide an environment where everyone can consider him/her as a normal and equal part of the society and live without any fear or isolation.