Sample cause and effect  essay on red light runners

Did you know that most car related deaths occur within twenty miles of your house and at speeds slower than 40 miles per hour? Most of these deaths occur at intersection, where one or more drivers decide to disobey a traffic rule. People violate traffic rules many times everyday. Many accidents happen because drivers and other people on the road do not obey the law. The most common traffic violation is perhaps running the red light. This is when the light at the signal is red and the driver decides to ignore the light and to cross the intersection. People run red lights because they are sometimes too impatient to wait for the signal to turn green. Other drivers are simply annoyed at red lights and they just do not want to wait. Running a red light can have disastrous effects and this essay shall look at how running a red light can have certain adverse effects.

One of the most disastrous effects that running a red light could have is death. A car that runs a red light is liable to come in the path of the traffic that has the green light. Many drivers tend not to look right and left while crossing the intersection when they have the green light. This means, that a person running a red light is driving into a potential car that is coming unrestrained at high speed from either side. A collision between the two cars could result in serious injuries and even death. This is perhaps the most dangerous effects of running a red light. Even though the speeds at which the cars collide can be very slow, the main thing that makes this kind of collision very dangerous is the sheer momentum if the cars. The car that has he green light would be coming in fast and unrestrained and with full momentum. A collision with anything would cause great damage to both the car as well as to whatever it hits. If the car hits another car at a certain angle or with a certain force, the driver(s) can be killed, or very seriously injured.

Another effect of running the red light is causing damage to your car. Just as in the above case, cars colliding in the middle of the road are very much liable to be damaged. This means an expense to the drivers and the drivers insurance. This is another effect of running a red light, which is grave, but not as grave enough as getting injured or dying. The chances of injury here are also very high, and one cannot really separate the incident of an injury, whether mild or serious, from an incidence of car collision. Cars colliding at any speed are likely to cause damage to the car, which can also range from being mild to extremely disastrous. This can mean getting a small dent, or completely totaling your engine. In either case, the owner(s) would have to pay to get the car fixed and this is an expense to the drivers, which could have been avoided if the red light had not been run.

A third effect of running a red light is that the person running the red light would get a ticket from the police. If a person runs a red light, two things can happen: either the intersection would be wired up with cameras that would take the picture of the offender and send an automatic ticket to the perpetuator's house, or a police patrol might see the act and pull over the car to give it a ticket. In any case, the driver would be penalized and fined for running a red light. The police even have the right to arrest the violator if they think that running the red light could have been dangerous for other drivers or pedestrians on the street.

So, these were three of the effects of running a red light, as it can result in someone's death or injury, damaging the car, and getting a ticket from the police. Everyone should avoid running a red light, even if the roads are empty, as you never know where a car might come from. This is extremely important if we are to save lives on the streets. Many people have already suffered after running red lights and we should all learn from their mistakes and be safe drivers, not just for ourselves but for everybody else out on the streets as well.