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Picking an Effective Argumentative Essay Topic

The primary purpose of an argumentative essay is to win an argument or effectively sway an audience to believe one side of a controversial issue. Therefore, choose a topic that you are interested in or passionate about. However, be careful that you are prepared to research both sides of the topic equally; if you are too opinionated it is easy to write a biased paper rather than a well-documented, logical paper. Include both the pros and cons of the argumentative issue and be proactive about anticipating the arguments against your opinion. In the end a good paper has many facts, statistics, expert opinions and many quotes from articles and books that support your position. You may include personal interviews to strengthen your argument.

Finding a topic

A well-defined, controversial issue is the easiest to write about. Try not to be vague when picking a topic. Current topics are often interesting to debate. Watch the nightly news; pick up current news magazines or area newspapers. What are people talking about and reading? What are people concerned about? Whatever topic you pick should generate discussion and excite interest. A student should investigate and evaluate evidence in order to write a strong, professional paper.

How is an argumentative essay organized?

Once you begin your research, organize your topics, thoughts, and the pros and cons of the argument. Index cards or notes can be helpful. Decide what your exact position will be and then write an outline. A good writer will have a strong thesis statement. The rest of your paper will revolve around this thesis in clear and concise manner. Write a rough draft making certain your tone stays reasonable and professional. As you begin the first draft of your paper stay organized and keep track of all sources.

Possible topics: A few topic that may have been overdone for professors include gun control, abortion, capital punishment, freedom of speech and euthanasia. Any of the topics below could be narrowed or the other side of the issue could be argued.

Good Ideas for an Argumentative Essay

  1. Eastern Herbs and Acupuncture is Much More Effective than Western Medicine
  2. Immigration is a Threat to the American Economy
  3. Legalization of Medical Marijuana Poses No Threat to Society
  4. Smoking Should be Banned in Public Places
  5. The Legal Driving Age Should Be Raised to 18-Years-Old
  6. Technology is Contributing to Obesity in American Children
  7. The Media Has Contributed to the Rise in Anorexia and Negative Personal Esteem in Kids
  8. Bullying in Schools is Due to the Discipline Limits Placed on Teachers
  9. Presidents Obama's Health Reform is Not the Change We Need
  10. Children Need Stay at Home Moms to Be Successful
  11. Barriers Still Exist for Women in the Workforce
  12. Child Abuse Numbers are Rising Because of the Stress Parents Face
  13. Poor Working Conditions and Low Salaries are Destroying Public Education
  14. Corporate Taxes Should be Increased
  15. The Power of the Conservative Right is on the Increase
  16. U.S. Racism is Alive and Well in 2009
  17. Hollywood Opinions Matter Too Much in the Political Arena
  18. Drug Offenders Should Face Stiffer Penalties
  19. Computers are Addictive and Harmful to Society
  20. Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned from Schools