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Sample Economics Essay Topics for the Beginner Student

Writing Suggestions

If you are a new economics student or just someone struggling with the topic, here are a few suggestions for essay topics to help get you started on a paper. Even though these topics may appear very simple and broad, they can lead to fascinating and well-written essays. If you feel that you cannot write about a broad topic, do some research. Hopefully you will stumble upon something more specific that fascinates you. Use this information to help narrow down your topic to focus on a more specific subject. For example, if you decide to write about Marxism, you can either write an informative essay touching upon the history, definition and application of Marxism, or you can decide to specifically deal with how Marx viewed labor. 

Essay Topics

  • Economics 101: What is economics, and how does it affect you in your everyday life?
  • History of Economic Thought: What was the origin of economic thought?
    Where was the first example of monetary economics found and how did monetary economics evolve through the ages? What is modern economy? What did the Greeks have to say about economics?
  • Classical Economics a la Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations: Why is this such a well known text in economic thought?
    What does Adam Smith argue in this book and how and why is it still relevant over 200 years after being published?
  • Capitalism vs Communism: How do these two economic systems differ?
    Which one works better in your opinion? Can you give real life examples of these systems at work? Compare and contrast the successes and failures of these economic systems.
  • Supply and Demand: What is supply and demand?
    What is an example of supply and demand in real life? Create a theoretical model of supply and demand and demonstrate how it works.