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A progressive essay is made up of two or more essays that stand on their own but relate to each other in a natural progression. Each essay builds onto the last or "progresses" the topic. Following are five progressive essay topics that have been broken into three separate papers.

Progressive Essay Topic Ideas

The Industrial Revolution

  • Necessity as the Mother of Invention
  • Cultural Changes during the Industrial Revolution
  • The Industrial Revolution as Groundwork for Modern Technology

The Implications of Human Cloning

  • The Development of Cloning in Science
  • Arguments For and Against Human Cloning
  • How Cloning May Change the Future

Envisioning a World without Fossil Fuels

  • The Most Promising Alternative Energies
  • Necessary Developments for the Replacement of Fossil Fuels
  • Applying the Benefits of Alternative Energies for Every Household

Michael Jackson - A Psychological Perspective

  • Michael's Childhood
  • Life in the Spotlight
  • Behavioral Analysis of Michael as Peter Pan

Weight in America

  • The Obesity Epidemic
  • Anorexia and Bulimia: The Pressure to be Thin
  • The American Lifestyle: Striking a Healthy Balance

Developing Your Own Ideas for a Progressive Essay

Just about any topic may be broken down into installments which are written as independent essays. The best essay topics are those that inspire interest in the writer as much as the reader. Try to develop an original idea from a topic in the latest headlines or explaining a hobby or interest that is not a typical past-time. It is true that not every class will offer carte blanche for topic ideas but most of the time there will be a list of topics from which to choose. For that scenario, consider the types of research you will need to do and the time frame you have for completion as well as your own interest in the topic.