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Picking a Good Proposal Essay Topic Is Key

In order to have your proposal essay stand out from all the rest, obviously correct grammar and error free content are essential to a basic polished proposal. But choosing a captivating title is just as important, because if your proposal does not captivate the reader's interest, error free and perfect grammar won't mean much. The process of creating a proposal essay takes a while, so make sure that you give yourself plenty of research and planning time before you begin. Keep in mind that a proposal essay is based on fact and not fiction and the writer's opinion is allowed.

Picking a Topic and Narrowing Down The Theme of Your Proposal Essay

Before you choose a topic do some brainstorming about what you feel would make for a unique subject that you know something about and can present information and facts in a clear and concise manner. Your topic should be about something that you are interested in and are motivated to share your knowledge in a manageable way that gives the reader a clear picture about your subject without using too many words. If you think that your topic might be too broad, consider discussing one aspect about it.

Where To Begin

Once you have a topic, create an outline bulleting points that you feel are important to cover. Your outline will be your organizational guide and will help you stay on track covering the points you wish to make and prove in your essay. Begin your essay with an interesting fact or piece of information that most people might not know. Grabbing the reader's attention from the start is a good sign that their interest will entice them to read the entire essay.

Topics To Consider

  • Sports Writing a proposal essay related to a particular sport you are interested in could work, if you draw upon an interesting aspect or tow about the sport. For example, why do some tennis players prefer grass courts to clay?
  • Something current and controversial Writing about the current state of the health care system in the United States and why President Obama's health care reform plan is good or bad could make for an excellent topic to expound upon.
  • Divorce When Children Are Involved Is joint custody the best way to go when children are involved in a divorce?