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How to write a term paper? - Part IV

4. Write introduction and conclusion.

When writing introduction, once you get beyond the opening sentence that reveals the term paper's subject, you should use only one long sentence to combine each of the points you took up in the body of the term paper.

The introduction could be more than one paragraph long, or it could involve three or four paragraphs. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable if your term paper introduction does not fill up the first page of the work and move on into the second for half a page or so. The introduction should not run beyond that second-page limit, however.

The introduction finished, you will swing into the body of the term paper.

Your rough outline, setting out the major points should indicate to you in what order to use them. Put the most important sections first, the second most important section next, and so on down to the least important section. This is not to say you shouldn't change your mind later. All you need do in any shifting of sections is to get busy with cutting and pasting.

No matter what order you use for sections, the construction of each should be done in the same manner.

How is this done?

You start with a key sentence or sentences to lead off the first part of the section. This done, you then follow up those key statements with your specific examples to support what you say in those statements. As you deal with your specifics, you may run into several pages. This is much the same writing pattern that has been shown in the research paper writing guide.

Your ending section should not be hard to write once the rest of the paper is finished. Don't make it more than two or three paragraphs long, however. Generally, sum up your views on the main points detailed in the work. Don't gush. Don't ramble. Don't give the impression that the world is now wiser for having had your investigatory talents at work on a topic.

Good luck with your research paper!

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